Nitro X Cross 2013 Format Chosen by YOU the Drivers!

We asked you last month for your input for the 2013 Nitro X Cross summer series and here are the results! We are currently running some of these changes in the Winter series  in preparation for next years summer series and things seem to be going well. Well organised with more track time for the drivers whilst still maintaining an enjoyable atmosphere which is what Nitro X Cross is all about.

Click here to download the report nitroxcrossreport

Here is a summery of the report:

Keep JC Controlled tyres YES 51%

Add JC Mini pins NO 57%

Qualifying method FTD 60%

Qualifying time 6 MINUTES 45%

Race Weekend Qualifying and Finals Both Days 54%

Keep Bank Holidays YES 53%

Centralised Booking in YES 51%

The format for each day will run as follows:

JC Controlled Tyres (duells or offsets)
Qualifying format is FTD
1 round of timed practice
4 rounds of 6 minute qualifiers
All Finals 20 minutes, A Main Final 25 Minutes.

Points format as follows:

Points awarded for Qualifying AND Final finishing position.

Points awarded to each club member towards their clubs total.

For Example FTD 100 points A Final win 100 points = 200 driver points and 200 club points. Qualify 3rd 98 points Finish 5th 96 points = 194 driver points and 194 club points. If you do not complete 1 lap of your final you will not be awarded any race points but you will still be awarded your qualifying points. If you have bumped from a lower final but not completed a lap in your higher final you will still be awarded points from your original Final.

Booking in will open 1 day after the previous round and close on the Friday prior to the event. All booking in will take place through the NitroXCross website and a drivers list will be visible to all. Discounts will be available for early booking in and a cut off date for each round will be publicised.

We have also taken into account track comments and will be releasing the tracks soon, Dates will be announced once the BRCA have released their dates to avoid clashes where possible.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing you track side in 2013 for another great series in 2013.