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Winter Nitro Cross Series Dates Announced

The dates for Winter Nitro X Cross 2016 have now been released!

Round 1 – 9th October 2016 – ESBRC– DIRT

Round 2 – 13th November 2016 – PEMBREY – DIRT

Round 3 – 11th December 2016 – COVENTRY– DIRT

Round 4 – 27th December 2016 (Bank Holiday) – SWINDON – ASTRO

Round 5 – 29th January 2017 – LEDBURY – ASTRO

Round 6 – 19th February 2017 – NENE VALLEY – ASTRO



Milan’s the man at JC Raceway!

JC Raceway 2

The latest 2 rounds of the Nemo NitroXCross Series took place this weekend at the brand new JC Raceway near Cleobury Mortima, which is in part run by the crew that ran Frankley Model Car Club, and also by the JC Racing products team. The track was dirt/grass with a few features and as it was brand new, a level playing field for all competitors as it had never been driven before.

On Saturday and Round 11 of the series only four Nitro drivers managed the magical 10 laps, Graham Alsop managed it and a TQ in 2 rounds with his Xray car to get the overall TQ. John Holmes and his Radiosistemi RR8 V2 took the TQ in the final round to give him second overall and Milan Dragojlovic and his Kyosho MP9 TKI4 also took a TQ in round 3 giving him 3rd, with TLR driver Mike Lewis the 4th driver managing 10 laps, getting 4th. Jon Howells rounded off the top 5 with his AE.

In the electric class it was AE driver Lloyd Pitt who took the overall TQ with 3 fine rounds wins, Jake Knight got 2nd and Mugen Driver Chris Lovell got 3rd on the grid.

The first Final of the day was the E final, Junior AE driver Alex Hedley took a comfortable win from 4th on the grid after a very good drive. HB Driver David Lee was 2nd and Neal Frances came home 3rd. Alex continued with another superb drive In the D Final – from 12th to a fine 6th place. At the top of the D final was Sworks driver Sam Guppy, he took a great win by 4second over Xray driver Jamie Bowen in 2nd. Simon Davies and his fine looking RR8 took the 3rd and final bump spot up into the C.

Billy Smith and his Sworks/Nova Rossi Combo were pole in the final and he made the advantage stick, he drove brilliantly to take the 2nd spot behind Tekno driver Carlo De Marco, who looks awesome, getting the extra lap on the rest of the field. Matt Frances and his TLR came in 3rd.

The B final had some good drivers, Mark Westwood and his AE took the top spot and first bump into the A. 10 seconds back was the RR8/Werks combo of Carl O’Connor taking the 2nd bump and fellow RR8 man John Broadhurst took the 3rd bump to the main.

The A final was going to be tough, some great drivers going for the win. Graham dominated the first part of the race but John and Milan were in hot pursuit as the 3 pulled a lead out on the rest of the pack. John Holmes came into the lead in the middle part of the race, banging in some very fast laps to keep ahead of the others, but it was Milan who managed to take the win, he took the lead on lap 27 until the final buzzer, eventually winning by 20s from AE driver Jon Howells, TLR driver Matt Lewis took 3rd with a very fine drive from 8th on the grid and Graham took 4th. 2nd to 4th was barely 5 seconds after 25 mins.  John Holmes took 5th.


In the Electric Final it was Lloyd who once again dominated, he took a superb win even getting the extra lap on the field. Chris Lovell and Jake Knight swapped places from the grid with Chris 2nd and Jake 3rd, Jake was being pushed though, with Gareth Harold and his AE less than 2s behind him.

Some great close racing all day and a very exciting end with the A finals!

On Sunday and Round 12 and a slight change in the driving line up! Mike Lewis took the TQ in Nitro, Jon Howells bettered his previous days performance also with a 2nd and Milan would line up 3rd. TLR driver Simon Willets would take the 4thspot and Jnr AE driver James Harold would take 5th.

In Electric Chris Lovell took the TQ in the last 3 rounds to get the overall 1st place, Lloyds would line up 2nd and Jake 3rd – it was all to play for in the final. Lloyd and Chris would take turns in the lead in the E-Buggy final, but a problem late on for Lloyd meant a return to the pits and Chris went on to take an easy win with his RC concepts powered Mugen. Jake came home in 2nd and Ben Doyle 3rd.

Chris Lovell flying high!

Chris Lovell Car Elec winner Sunday

In the Nitro E Final Steven Milne turned his Pole into a win but wow was it close, he crossed the line side by side with the Sworks of Richard Turner, and won by 0.35 of a second! Dan Evans and his TLR came in 3rd.

In the D final TLR got the win with Darren Moult, they also got 2nd with Jnr driver jack Willets. He had a great drive from 5th on the grid to take the 2nd bump. 2rd was AE driver Russell Lee. Jack would better his D final drive in the C by going from 12th to first. Another brilliant drive by the young man! Pole man and Tekno driver Daniel Austin came home in 2nd and Sworks driver Sam Guppy was 3rd.

Peter Mumford would win the B final, after swapping the lead with pole man Billy Smith for most of the race, Billy would end up taking 3rd behind AE driver Jon Griffiths, but there was half a second between them, practically crossing the line together. Once again it was young Jack Willets who had another awesome drive, from 11th to 4th and narrowly missing out on yet another bump.

The A final would once again be a great race, Mike Lewis lead the final for the early part but he could not break away from Milan and Jon Howells, Milan took the lead as Mike dropped back and Jon retained his 2nd position hot after the lead car, after some more position swapping it was Milan who took the win, Mike 2nd and Jon 3rd. Anthony Conroy and his RR8 would come home 4th and the sworks of Chris Leighton 5th.

Milan Dragojlovic’s Kyosho MP9 TKI4:


Another great weekend of racing with some thrills and spills, the next round of the series is at ESBRC on the Aug Bank holiday weekend, well done to all the winners and massive well done to the JC Raceway crew for getting the venue ready for the very first time. Check out the website for more information on the series including all the booking in, results and news.

Thanks once again to Juliet Exall for the race report and to James Ruell of JMR photography for the fantastic action shots!









Drescher & Dragojlovic Win at Nemo NitroXCross Rd 9/10

July 2nd and 3rd this weekend was rounds 9 and 10 of the Nemo NitroXcross summer series at the popular Ledbury Track in Herefordshire.  Over half way through the series now, and with the championship hotting up, every round counts.


Saturday and Round 9 and with a field of over 70 drivers, a mix of rain and sun and a fast/technical track would bring some fantastic races.

In the Nitro Class and after 4 rounds of hard fought qualifying it was Associated’s Craig Drescher on the top of the pile, he took an impressive TQ in rounds 1 and 2, with Kyosho driver Milan Dragojlovic taking the TQ in the last two rounds, on count back Craig got the overall TQ. Championship leader TLR driver Mike Lewis sat 3rd on the grid, with AE driver Jon Howells and Sworkz/Nova Rossi driver Ben Billing completing the top 5 in Nitro. In Electric Chris Lovell and his Mugen dominated the class and took the overall TQ with 3 round wins. 2nd on the grid was AE driver Lloyd Pitt and rounding off the top 3 was Jnr Sworkz driver Aaron Ford.

First final of the day was the E final, Sean Wiles drove a great race from 3rd on the grid to a fantastic win, even getting the lap on the field, Chris Cox came home 2nd but under pressure and wheel to wheel with Neal Francis who came from 5th to take the final bump in 3rd less than 1/2 second behind. A great race between the 2 at the end of the 20mins of an epic final!

The D final was won by TLR driver Michael Saunders; he managed to pull a decent lead on the 2nd place Paul Abbott. He had also forced a gap between himself and 3rd place man Michael Isaacs, and all of the top 3 had lapped the rest of the field. Michael continued on in the same vein n the C final, starting 13th he was flying and was up battling for another bump, he got his way up to 6th with an amazing drive. Fellow TLR men Matt Slaney and Wayne Davies were also at the head of the field as well, they both showed some real pace, Matt eventually pulling away with his Bullett powered machine to take the Win from Wayne in 2nd. Kamil Jablonski and his Mugen took the 3rd and last bump to the B final.

In the B it was a straight fight between Simon White and his OS/ Mugen Combo and the Sworkz of Rob West, both on identical pace, they were wheel to wheel at the head of the pack, Simon just grasped the win by only 2 seconds from Rob in 2nd. 3rd was a bit more of a scrap, with the main pack all going round together behind the top 2. Matt Slaney, who had bumped from the C final managed to get ahead of the pack, a tremendous drive from 13th to take the final bump in to the A main.

In the A it was all about Craig and Milan, the swapped the lead, fastest lap time and both had amazing consistency. Milans awesome looking Ninja powered Kyosho crossed the line in 1st after a fantastic race, Craig pulled in 2nd and some way ahead of 3rd place and fellow AE driver Jon Howells. Top Jnr James Harrold and his AE finished 15th.

Milan Winner Nitro Saturday Rd 9

In the Electric class, pole sitter Chris Lovell had a race on his hands with Lloyd Pitt and Tekno driver Michael Lightfoot. All 3 were lightning fast off the grid, it was the Tekno that took the lead and converted it into his first NitroxCross win. Lloyds AE looking good as always came in 2nd and Chris got 3rd after 15mins of fast paced action.

Michael L Winner E buggy Saturday Rd 9

Sunday saw round 10 and the track was looking good, a dry night and glorious weather again being kind to the field of racers. With a slightly changed line up and a now dry track qualifying was going to be even quicker and more competitive. Milan, Mike and Craig once again were the 3 top drivers, but in which order was to be determined. All three drivers took a round but Craig pulled off the TQ in round 4 to seal the top grid slot. Mike Lewis with his Nova Rossi engine and Milan were very evenly matched, Mike got 2nd and Milan 3rd. 4th was Jon Howells and a very impressive qualifying from top Jnr James Harold clinched him the 5th the last place in the top 5. James drove to a 2nd in round in the last round, a fine drive from the young driver. In Electric it was Chris Lovell who drove to another TQ, a fine feet considering he was running 2 classes. Michael Lightfoot got the 2nd and Lloyd Pitt the 3rd with his AE, he also running both classes.

In the F Final we had the Sworkz of Richard Lightfoot do battle with Ray Sargent. The two driving clear of the pack, and Richard took a fine win, Ray 2nd and Stephen Lockley of TLR taking a well deserved 3rd. In the E final Clinton Dredge and his Mugen pulled out a lead with Ben Austen just behind, both raced to the end with Clinton taking a win by 15s over Ben, back in 3rd was Sworkz driver Richard Turner, all three taking a bump to the D.

At the start of the D final the pack got mixed up after some drama at the first few corners and as the race went on it was Chris Lovell and his Mugen that was mixing it with the leaders TLR driver Michael Saunders and Sworkz driver Elliot Jones who both started high up the grid, Chris however started in 11th, but went on to an impressive 2nd, less than a second behind Michael in 1st and with Elliot and his Nova Rossi power plant bringing it home in 3rd.

The C final was close, all very evenly matched on pace, so it was a fantastic drive by TLR driver Darren Moult who eventually crossed the line in 1st, Kamil Jablonski and his Ultimate powered Mugen 2nd and ahead of a 3 car group battling out for the final bump was Wayne Davies, but with only a few seconds to spare!

In the B final the top two Matt Slaney and Carlo DeMarco had a superb race, wheel to wheel at the end of the 20 mins, with Matt and his TLR just edging it over the Tekno driver as the buzzer went. Fellow Tekno driver Daniel Austin a lap down on the top two brought his car home in 3rd, but barely 0.5s ahead of the chasing man Dan Workman.

The A main in Nitro was all about the dominance of AE driver and pole sitter Craig Drecsher, he lead the majority of the race, he and his REX 7 Legend engine didn’t skip a beat, his lap times were incredibly consistent. Kyosho driver Milan was unable to match the amazing feet of driving skill and so Craig took the win in style, with Milan in 2nd and Jon Howells and his AE in 3rd. Ben Billing drove an impressive race coming from 6th in the very strong field to take 4th and Mike Lewis took 5th. Top Jnr Gareth Harold came home in a fine 7th place.

Craig Winner Nitro Sunday Rd 10

In the E buggy final, Jnr Sworkz driver Aaron Ford drove a very, very good race, leading from start to finish, driving so well with strong competition from Chris Lovell and his RC Concepts powered Mugen, he managed to keep the lead and crossed the line for his first E buggy victory – the first of many to come I’m sure. Chris was less than a second behind as the crossed the line, and AE driver Lloyd Pitt was hot on the lead 2’s tale, coming home in 3rd.

Aaron Winner E Buggy Sunday Rd 10

Another good weekend of racing, well done to all the Ledbury Crew on getting the track in such good condition after it being flooded in the weeks before the event and well done to all the winners!

The next round of the series is to be held at the end of July at the “new” JC Raceway. Check out the website for all the information, championship results and booking in for the next round @







Race report – MKS Winter X Cross finale

At a very sunny Ledbury track it was the final round of the MKS sponsored winter Nitro X Cross Series  – rescheduled from Nene Valley due to flooding. A field of over 50 drivers at this ever popular series, and finally some nice weather would mean it was going to be a great race day. It was the 6th and final round so series points and prizes were also up for grabs.

WP_20160313_10_08_19_Pro (2)

In Nitro Jon Howells was the front runner from Round one, the CML driver took the TQ in every round of qualifying with his AE – he dominated the qualifying and he was going to be hard to catch in the final – showing real pace and great consistency.  Ben Billing, Chris Leighton and Lloyd Pit were fighting it out for the other top spaces, taking a 2nd place in each round each. Only separated by seconds these guys were scrapping on track all day and in the end Ben took the final round to take 2nd on the grid with Chris 3rd and Lloyd 4th.

In the electric class we had Chris Lovell take an easy TQ in the first 2 rounds with his RC Concepts powered MBX7r Eco, but Milan Dragojlovic took an impressive TQ in the final 2 rounds with his Tekin Powered MP9e. Mark Hicks and Rich Price showed good pace all day behind the top 2 and battled for 3rd with Mark managing it in the final round.

Onto finals – In the D final some unlucky qualifying put Josh Powney and Nathan Powney down the pecking order but putting the unfortunate qualifying behind them, they both showed there pace, with Josh taking a good win by a lap and Nathan taking 3rd. Young Simeon White finished in the middle of them – the young man taking a bump into the C final with ease.

In the C final – Josh once again showed his talent and he and his Sworkz Evo 2 took another win, Simon Davies and Colin Davies had a good on track battle over the 15min final and Simon just managed the 2nd place by only 5 seconds – all taking the bump up into the B.


In the B final there was some very close racing – all drivers very close in place, Gareth Oldfield and his Losi  4 took the win over Alex Page in second and a great drive by the AE of Mark Westwood took him from 8th to the final bump up place in 3rd.

In the A final it was all about Jon Howells – He lead from start to finish holding off the challenge from Sworkz driver Chris Leighton with fellow AE driver Jon Griffiths taking the final podium place of the day by just over a second from Matt Box and his Kyosho.


In the EBuggy final it was going to be between Chris Lovell and Milan, Chris had a great start and went on to take a fine win after an electrical problem meant Milan had to retire a few laps from the end. Rich Price and his XRAY took 2nd and Mark Hicks and his Techno took the 3rd spot.


Onto the series trophies and prizes they were very close. In the Nitro class it was Milan Dragojlovic that took the series by 1 point over Jon Howells and Chris Leighton with his great 2nd place at the final round had clinched 3rd in the championship.(Top 3 pictured below)  Top Veteran was Jon Howells and Top Jnr was Aaron Ford.

top 3


In the electric class Chris Lovell (pictured below) with his TQ and win in the final round had secured the top spot and took the series overall from Stuart Harlow in 2nd and Huw Jenkins in 3rd. Top veteran was Tim Lucas. Top club in the series was Frankley.

lovell e buggy winner


A great end to a great series – thanks to all the NitroXcross guys and gals, the sponsors MKS for the great end of season prizes and of course all the clubs and competitors! And a big well done to Milan Dragojlovic and Chris Lovell on taking the respective series. For a full list of the results and all the series information go to


MKS Winter X Cross round 6 venue change…

The final round of the Nitro X Cross series has been moved to Ledbury as the track and pitting area at Nene are very badly waterlogged.

Ledbury have agreed to us running there so if you do not want to run please book out at all entries will stand and be moved over to the Ledbury event so no need to rebook .
We apoligise for any inconvenience but the weather is one thing we have no control over and hope to see you all there Sunday
Nathen will put up gate opening times and booking in is the usual time of 8am drivers briefing at 8.45 and first heat at 9am.
See you Sunday


TQ and Win for Milan Dragojlovic at Nitro X Cross Rd5 @ Frankley Model Car Club

This weekend was round 5 of the Nitro X Cross winter series take place at Frankley Model Car Club. A good turnout of over 70 drivers in both Nitro and Electric saw for a very good days racing despite the typical British weather!


Qualifying in Nitro was dominated by Milan Dragojlovic and his Ninja powered Kyosho Mp9, who took TQ in every round with the rest of the field squabbling to take the best places behind him. Jon Howells CML Driver running his AE and Rich Price and his XRAY took a share of the 2nds in the 4 rounds with Chris Leighton and Top Jnr Lewis Beach both running Sworkz hot on the gearboxes of the leading 3. Lots of close racing in all of the heats in qualifying meant some very close times all the way down the field, but Milan who impressed in every round was a clear 15s quicker so he was going to take some catching in the final.

In the Electric class, Stuart Harlow and his XRAY took an impressive TQ followed by Keith Richardson running HaBao and Jake knight running Kyosho. The tough changeable conditions and a tricky track lay out would make for an interesting group of finals in the both classes.

Onto the finals and In the Nitro Class the E final saw a great drive from Dave Lee take the bump and win by a lap, he went on to the D final where he came home a great 5th. Matt Slaney and Gaow Hedley fought hard for the win in the D final with Matt finally taking it from Gaow by just a few seconds. In the C final Matt Frances took the win with a fine drive. The B final had some very good drivers and after a error on the first Lap Matt Box managed to claw his way back through the field to take the win by a lap over Gareth Oldfield and Dan Workman. Onto the A Final and once again domination from Milan who lead from start to finish – he is pictured below with his MP9.  He was being chased down however by Kevin Brunsden  who found his groove in the final and pushed Milan all the way to the buzzer, he took an impressive 2nd and Jon Howells the 3rd place. Lewis Beach the top jnr of the day came in 4th. Milan and Jon have both cemented their places in the series championship going into the final round.





MKS Winter X Cross series – Round 4 ESBRC

MKS Winter X Cross Series– Round 4 held by ESBRC – Shrewsbury

Sunday 17th January saw the return of the popular Winter X Cross series. Round four of the series was held by ESBRC at their track in Shrewsbury. The Grass/Dirt track was as good as could be expected for a cold and frost January morning, and after a quick inspection the race was on. With over 40 competitors braving the great British weather it was going to be a fun but an ever so muddy day!



The Track held up pretty well and as the weather is normally a great leveller the competition was close. In Round one the top two nitro drivers were separated by only 2.5seconds with Milan Dragojlovic and his Kyosho MP9 just ahead of Jon Howells with his AE. Jon went on to take TQ in the next round but Milan fought back to take the top spot in the following two rounds and took the TQ for the day and the ever important first place on the Grid, but with Jon just behind him it was going to be a close final.

In the electric class it was much the same with Stuart Harlow and Chris Lovell and his Mugen MBX7r Eco battling it out for the vital pole position. Stuart took the TQ in rounds 1 and 4 and Chris Lovell in 2 and 3, which meant it was down to FTD, which Chris Lovell just managed to get by just 3 seconds.

Onto the finals, and the weather and track were not improving so the finals were going to be tough.  The B final was first up, and Sam Cobley in his Sworkz was pole and battled to the buzzer with Matt Frances, with Matt eventually taking the win. Mark Morris finished off the top 3 and got the final bump spot. The A final was a close fought contest between the top two, Milan and Jon, as it had been all day. The eventual Winner Jon(pictured below) only just held onto the top spot by 1.5seconds from Milan and Lloyd Pit also driving AE finished just behind them in third, completing the podium in Nitro.


In Electric the whole field were pretty close until the final few laps when Stuart Harlow (pictured below) and Chris Lovell pulled out a lead over the pack. After some pretty close racing Stuart managed to beat Chris to the chequered flag by only 4 seconds after 12mins. Hew Jenkins coming in 3rd after another fine drive in the series.


B Final Nitro: 3rd-Mark Morris       2nd-Sam Cobley                 1st-Matt Frances

A Final Nitro: 3rd-Lloyd Pitt            2nd– Milan Dragojlovic     1st-Jon Howells

A Final Electric: 3rd-Hew Jenkins   2nd– Chris Lovell               1st-Stuart Harlow

On the day top Veteran was Jon Howells and top Jnr was Aaron Ford.

In the EBuggy series Stuart Harlow now leads from Chris Lovell in 2nd just 2 points behind. In the Nitro Series Jon is now leading by 19 points from Matt Box in second and Lloyd Pitt a further 10 points behind him in 3rd.

Round 5 of the series will take place at Frankley Model Car Club on Sunday 21st February. The meeting is already full just 24 hours after booking in was opened and reserve lists are being made.