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Summer 2017 Club Championship Update

After 6 Rounds of the 2017 Summer Series the club championship remain close and with 10 rounds still to go there are still plenty of points to play for.  Remember to represent your local club you must be a paid up member.

Championship Standings After 6 Rounds

Team Nitro Elec Total
ESBRC 2858 0 2858
NVR 833 1055 1888
Swindon 933 764 1697
JC Raceway 587 487 1074
Brookthorpe 52 195 247
CMCC 208 0 208


After the first 2 rounds of the Summer Series 2017 the club points are


    1. East Shrewsbury                         553
    2. JC Raceway                                 529
    3. Swindon                                      515
    4. Nene Valley                                452
    5. Ledbury                                       68
    6. Coventry                                     64


Still a long way to go and plenty of points to play for.

If you want to represent a club then you need to join the club….I’m sure the clubs will be happy to sign up new members.



There have been a few amendments to rules and race formats for the 2017 summer series. Please ensure that you have read all the information and understand the Nitro X Rules.

In Summary
1) Booking Out – deadlines for booking out without penalty has changed,
2) Race Classes & Championships – E-buggy will have its own championship this summer. Qualifying heats will be mixed.
3) Batteries – As per the mew BRCA rule all drive batteries rated at 10 Watt Hours or over must be hard cased. There is more information about this on both the BRCA website & the Rally Cross face book page.
4) If you choose to run in both Nitro & Elec classes we will ensure that you are in separate heats for qualifying, however, it your responsibility to cover the marshaling point if your heats or finals are back to back.


Congratulations to East Shrewsbury winning the Winter 2016/2017 Club Championship

After 6 rounds over a cold and wet winter the results for the series were decided at Nene Valley.  After some great racing the club championship results are:-

Team                        Points
ESBRC                     3812
LMCC                       3342
Swansea                2853
CMCC                      2211
Swindon                 1958
JC Raceway            679
NVR                           640
Brookthorpe             373
PLYMRC                   248


Congratulations to East Shrewsbury and all the racers that attended and earned their clubs points.

Looking forward to some more great racing for the summer.


Venue change for Round 6 in February

Unfortunately the guys at JC Raceway are unable to hold the final meeting of the Winter Series at JC Raceway and have agreed to move their round to Nene Valley. The crew at Nene have been working hard over the winter and have confirmed they will be ready with the new track layout for the final round of the winter series on 19th February.


The Battle for Round 4 sees Milan win

Well a cold and crisp morning saw the start of a really good days racing.  Some new faces took to the frosty track bright and early to get the racing underway.   Congratulations to all the drivers that attended Round 4 at Swindon.  A busy day with some really good racing.

Well done to Milan Dragojlovic (Hotbodies),  Darren Bloomfield (Agama) & Michael Lightfoot (Tekno) taking the top 3 in the A main.  Milan took the win by 0.5s after 20 mins of close racing, from TQ man Darren.



Summer 2017 Nitro Cross Dates Announced

The dates and venues for a great Summer of fun and racing have been confirmed.

Nitro Cross summer Series will be:-

March 25/26 – Coventry – Mark Ashfoth
April 29/30 Bank Holiday – Nene – Darren Smith
May 27/28 Bank Holiday – Pembrey – Steve Guppy
June 10/11 – JC Raceway – Darren Crutchley
July 8/9 – Brookthorpe – Chris Lovell
August 5/6 – Swindon – Richard Atkinson
August 26/27 Bank Holiday – Shrewsbury – Steve Price
September 16/17 – Ledbury – Nathan Powney


This summer the clubs will be taking more responsibility for their rounds.  If there are any problems or issues please contact your club rep.(included above for info).




Milan takes Round 2 of the Winter Series

Congratulation to Milan Dragojlovic for taking the win at Round 2 of the winter series at Pembrey. After a great battle with Jon Hazelwood, for the whole 20 mins, Milan took the win driving his new Hotbodies car from Jon Hazelwood with the Agama. The gap between them at the end of the race was just 1 second. A great A Main in some lovely welsh sunshine. Top Junior went to your Arron Ford showing some great skills and finishing 5th overall.


Winter Nitro Cross Series Dates Announced

The dates for Winter Nitro X Cross 2016 have now been released!

Round 1 – 9th October 2016 – ESBRC– DIRT

Round 2 – 13th November 2016 – PEMBREY – DIRT

Round 3 – 11th December 2016 – COVENTRY– DIRT

Round 4 – 27th December 2016 (Bank Holiday) – SWINDON – ASTRO

Round 5 – 29th January 2017 – LEDBURY – ASTRO

Round 6 – 19th February 2017 – NENE VALLEY – ASTRO