.Dates and Venues for 2018/2019

14th October East Shrewsbury (Dirt)
11th November North West Nitro’s (Dirt or Astro weather dependant)
30th December Nene valley (Astro)
20th January Ledbury (Astro)
17th February Brookthorpe (Astro)
17th March JC Raceway (Dirt)

We strongly discourage clubs who are competing in the Nitro X cross series to hold events on these dates.

The series will be run over 6 Sundays with each day being 1 round of the championship,

From the 6 rounds 50 % (3) plus 1 scores  will count towards the championship.

This is an OPEN TYRE Championship

Car classes are as follows:

1/8 Nitro Buggy, 1/8th Nitro Truggy

Entrants will be awarded points for the class they enter(Buggy , Truggy).

Top 3 cars from each nitro final will bump up.

Race format Each Day:

Qualifying format is RBR (your best 2 rounds will determine your qualifying position)

4 Rounds of 5 Minute Qualifiers

A Final 20 Minutes

All other nitro finals 15Minutes

*Format will be followed to the best of our ability dependent on weather conditions or reasons beyond our control.

Drivers points are as follows:

TQ in each class = 1 bonus point.

1st in each class = 100 points, 2nd 99, 3rd 98 and so on.

Club points will be scored in the same way as drivers points and added together, so if you score 100 points you will also score 100 points for your club. Drivers will not be able to swap clubs once they have entered the series. The first entry they make will determine the club they are racing for. A club trophy will be awarded at the end of the season to the club with the most points.

A driver must complete at least 1 lap in their final in order to score championship points.

Booking In and cancellations:

Booking in will take place at www.nitroxcross.co.uk Booking in opens on 6pm and for each round on the Monday after the previous event and so on. Booking in will close on the Friday prior to the event at 10.00 pm.

Any cancellations/withdrawals must be made through the book out page on the website.  Cancellations must be received by 10 pm on the Friday prior to event.  Booking out after this deadline or failure to do so will result in the driver still being charged for the event and will not be allowed to compete in future events until outstanding fees are paid.

Each day will have a maximum of 75 entries (60 Nitro Buggy and 15 Nitro  truggy )


Another first for the series will be pre-payment by PayPal when booking in, the race fee will be £12 up to 10 pm on Friday prior to the event and after that it will increase to £15 and will be the same if you book in on the day.

At least £10 from the entries will go to the club holding the event, the remainder will be used for end of season trophies provided by Nitro X Cross who are a non profit organisation.

Age Classes:

Juniors must be under the age of 16 on the 1st October  2018.

Older Generation must be 40 or over on the 1st October 2018.


End of season Trophies and Prizes:

End of season trophies will be provided for the top 10 in Nitro Buggy class and top 5 in Nitro Truggy class provided by Nitro X Cross.

The Top 3 junior and top 5 ‘Older Generation’ will receive trophies and prizes.

All prizes are dependant on racers completing the required 50 % (3) plus 1  rounds.

Please keep up to date via our facebook page for updates and series information.